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Synonyms for mask

Synonyms for mask

to prevent (something) from being known

to change or modify so as to prevent recognition of the true identity or character of

Synonyms for mask

a covering to disguise or conceal the face

activity that tries to conceal something

a party of guests wearing costumes and masks

hide under a false appearance

Related Words

put a mask on or cover with a mask

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cover with a sauce

shield from light

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WHO Recommendations for HCW barrier precautions, dependent on type of exposure * ([dagger]) HCW activity Recommended PPE set Close contact (<1 m) with Gloves, gown, N95 mask (or equivalent potential API-infected patient particulate respirator), eye within or outside of the protection isolation room or area Cleaning Gloves, either gown or apron Patient transport within Gown, gloves healthcare facilities Specimen transport and Not defined except to use "safe processing handling practices"; interpreted as use of gloves (minimum) and gown if opening specimen bag.
c) Consistent use of the N95 mask versus consistent use of a surgical mask.
The second physician (case-patient 11) may have become infected because the N95 mask was poorly fitting.
We have distributed one box of N95 masks to each of our family practice sites," Dr.
That individual should be given a surgical mask to prevent transmission of respiratory droplets when coughing, and the treating crewmember should wear preventive equipment--including N95 masks, gloves and hand sanitizer.
Recent studies demonstrated that surgical and N95 masks were equally effective in preventing spread of PCR-detectable influenza virus when used by infected patients.
These include: -- Unclear policies on how to respond to swine flu -- Policies falling short of CDC guidelines--including some facilities lacking N95 masks, others re-using them after contact with infected patients -- Lack of consistent isolation procedures for swine flu-infected patients -- Retaliation for whistle-blowing -- Lack of sick leave for infected nurses, and no presumptive eligibility of worker's compensation for nurses who fall ill due to swine flu Among the preliminary reports from working nurses: -- At Sutter Solano hospital in Vallejo, Calif.
Sutter Solano has purchased so few of the proper N95 masks that most nurses working with patients are unable to procure an adequate supply of disposable masks.
In contrast to Next Safety's positive pressure respirators, passive respirators and N95 masks, such as those produced by 3M, typically depend upon the wearer's own respiration to create a vacuum inside the mask in order to draw air through the filter, thereby increasing the tendency of contaminants and pathogens to enter through openings between the mask and wearer's face.
While making the climb, Lowry took an assortment of MEDNET supplies, including tape, cohesive bandages, wet wipes, emergency blankets, gauze sponges, alcohol prep pads and N95 Masks.
The Department of Health and Human Services recently announced a request for proposals for 50 million N95 masks.
From March 6 onwards, HCWs were using N95 masks, gowns, and gloves for personal protection when nursing patient 1 and any persons suspected of having SARS.
At that time we were selling single orders of N95 masks of 5,000 and 10,000 per sale.
Because of her multiple medical problems, SARS infection was not suspected, and healthcare workers caring for her did not use N95 masks.
Healthcare workers entering the room wore disposable gloves and N95 masks.