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Synonyms for N.B.

a Latin phrase (or its abbreviation) used to indicate that special attention should be paid to something

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A police lieutenant testified to prosecutors that primary investigations revealed the involvement of N.
The charges relate to an incident outside a church in Midland, N.
who earlier denied that he had attempted to murder his 27-year-old Indonesian girlfriend, N.
Dubuque of Gardner; four sisters: Simone Roberts of Maine, Rachel Belliveau of Oxford, Fernade Belliveau of Dieppe N.
and 31-year-old Master Corporal Allan Stewart from New castle, N.
The diocese of Fredericton's sexual-offences committee will conduct its own investigation after Canon Ed Coleman, rector of the parish of Hampton, was convicted by a court in Sussex, N.
to champion his Fredericton abortion clinic and to announce his plans for taking the N.
is pleased to further announce that at the company's annual meeting held yesterday in Saint John, N.