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a colorless flammable liquid alkane derived from petroleum and used as a solvent

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Therefore, one has to determine the classes of secondary metabolites that are present in the n-hexane extract and that are responsible for the antioxidant activity observed in the extract.
5 ml of 1% n-hexane extract of Spinacea oleracea orally for 14 days and Cyclosporine A, 20 mg/kg dissolved in 2 ml of olive oil intra-peritoneally for 7th to 14th day.
Casein (16 g) was taken in a 250 mL a round bottomed flask and was refluxed with 100 mL of n-hexane in a heating mantle for 30 minutes.
The ethanolic and n-hexane extracts of the plant were solubilized in 5% DMSO at concentration of 5 mg of extract per ml 5% DMSO (5 mg/mL).
However, least contamination and maximum germination ratios of both cultivars were found in our seed cultures that were surface sterilized with n-hexane and H2O2 in combination (Figure-3).
Regarding [beta]-carotene content, isopropanol and n-hexane showed greater efficiency in the extraction of this compound, but there was no significant difference between the solvents.
Another solvent used for extraction was n-hexane and the results were same as methanol except for 600 W and the percentage yield was recorded as 20.
Eleven examined working fluids can be sorted according to their thermal and exergy efficiencies from high to low performances as cyclohexane, n-hexane, R-113, n-pentane and Iso-pentane, R-245fa, n-butane, Iso-butane, RC-318 and R-236fa, and at last R-227ea.
Table 1--Dielectric Constants Material Dielectric Constant, [epslion] Vacuum 1 (by definition) n-Hexane 1.
Upper phase of n-hexane layer was evaporated and further solvents extractions were done as same manner of previous step.
According to the latest reports, technology giant Apple has banned the use of two potentially toxic chemicals benzene and n-hexane in its factory.
The firm took the decision after a petition was launched by two activist groups - China Labour Watch and Green America - calling on Apple to stop using benzene and n-hexane to make the smart devices, the Mirror said.
Then the mixture was centrifuged for 15 min at 5000 rpm and washed three times with acetonitrile, ether and n-hexane via centrifugation to remove the residual Sodiumfluorid and the aluminiumchlorid.
Thrombolytic activities were analysed with water, crude ethanol extract, n-hexane soluble fraction, ethanol soluble fraction and streptokinase.