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Synonyms for Myxosporidia

an order in the subclass Cnidosporidia

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Tombi J, Bilong Bilong CF (2004) Distribution of gill parasites of the freshwater fish Barbus martorelli Roman, 1971 (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) and tendency to inverse intensity evolution between Myxosporidia and Monogenea as a function of the host age.
Lom J, Dykova I (1992) Myxosporidia (Phylum Myxozoa).
The spores of the isolated parasite were identified as spores of Myxosporidia, order Bivalvulida, family Myxobolidae, genus Henneguya and species of H.
Sporozoa": Apicomplexa, Microsporidia, Haplosporidia, Paramyxea, Myxosporidia and Actinosporidia.
Myxosporidia were not observed within any renal tubules.