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type genus of the Myxinidae (typical hagfishes)

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Furthermore, the skins of the Atlantic hagfish Myxine glutinosa have minimal influence on whole-body flexural stiffness during steady swimming movements across various body speeds (Long et al.
Previous experiments with oscillating body segments of Atlantic hagfish Myxine glutinosa indicated that the subcutaneous sinus could aid in flexural damping, even though it would impede thrust production (Long et al.
A monograph of the general morphology of the myxinoid fishes, based on a study of Myxine.
The notochord of hagfish Myxine glutinosa: visco-elastic properties and mechanical functions during steady swimming.
Species of both Eptatreutus and Myxine exhibit another conspicuously asymmetric behavior.
Different types of body movement in the hagfish, Myxine glutinosa.
The 16S rRNA phylogeny supports placement of Eptatretus in a reciprocally monophyletic clade relative to Myxine (Fig.
Myxine jespersenae, a new species of hagfish (Myxiniformes: Myxinidae) from the North Atlantic Ocean.
yangi -- Taiwan AF364612-5 Myxine circifrons -- Unknown AF364628-9 Myxine formosana -- Taiwan AF364625 Myxine sp.
Zur Feinstruktur der spermatogenetischen Stadien von Myxine glutinosa L.
The structures of the testes and spermatozoa of hagfish have been described in Myxine glutinosa, Bdellostoma burgeri, and B.
7 [[micro]meter], or 4 [[micro]meter] in Myxine glutinosa (Kosmath et al.
The fine structure of the micropyles of the eggs of Myxine glutinosa and Eptatretus burgeri (Cyclostomata).