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Synonyms for numinous

Synonyms for numinous

of or concerned with the spirit rather than the body or material things

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evincing the presence of a deity

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It is not his experience of the mysterium tremendum et fascinans that traumatizes the youth, however, but the reactions of the adult passersby.
Shame of the world marks the ethical wound of the mysterium tremendum, of humanity's distance from Disinterested Goodness, the heart of finitude.
this was the cosmic consciousness state referred to by the mystics of all religions around the world as god/goddess/holy spirit/the mysterium tremendum.
On the other hand, he contrasts Platonic mystery (the mythology of the soul's journey towards a transcendent Good) with the Christian mysterium tremendum.
Even his moralizing has two sides: that of the peace-loving Catholic, nourished by the mysterium tremendum of the Mass, and that of the crusader, certain that abortion is murder and masturbation is a vice.
Die dood, daardie mysterium tremendum, daardie blom met die geur van 'n belladonnakelk.
What it really is, Nathanson continues, quoting Holocaust expert Arthur Cohen, is "a mysterium tremendum, an utter mystery to the rational mind--a mystery that carries with it not only the aspect of vastness, but the resonance of terror, something so unutterably diabolic as to be literally unknowable to us.
They eliminate the religiously characteristic element of what Rudolph Otto dubbed the numinous or the mysterium tremendum, the ungraspable and ineffable.
En tant qu'espace psychique, le labyrinthe traduit le chemin de l'ame qui est fait de tentations, d'embouchures, de tribulations, de pieges, il permet d'exposer les monstres qui se cachent dans les profondeurs de l'homme, le mysterium tremendum qui y existe.
a Otto, pero para este autor la experiencia de lo sagrado es la experiencia de lo que es radicalmente ajeno, --"tout autre", mysterium tremendum et fascinans-- dimension que resulta inadecuada para la interpretacion del sentimiento nerudiano, como puede observarse.
For example, the wall on which Delacroix depicted Jacob's struggle with the angel becomes an eyecatcher for its resplendence, for the ambiguities this mysterium tremendum evokes in the eye of the beholder.
Poetic endorsement of this mysterium tremendum approach is apparent in "Divinitie," where theological curiosity is as presumptuous as the new philosophy's obsession with astronomical inquiry.
Terrified yet somehow pleased by this panting monster of a train with a single eye, John dedicates himself to interpreting this mysterium tremendum fascinans, this godlike machine.
Each in his own way seems to be drifting toward that mysterium tremendum abandoned in the seventeenth century by the Enlightenment.
Finally, the enemy provides a mysterium tremendum that both "revolts and attracts us" (p.