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hatred of women


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Lucia Re unravels that, in spite of the potentiality of counterdiscourse against neocapitalism and bourgeois codes, the Gruppo 63 propagated the mysogynistic structures of society, leaving little room for femminist discourse within the new-avant-garde ideology.
No doubt mysogynistic employees occasionally crop up in the car industry and confectionery groups sometimes get rid of managers.
EF's view that implies Stacy's situation was her own fault is nothing short of mysogynistic.
It focuses on mysogynistic English dialect expert Professor Higgins who, for a bet, endeavours to turn foul- mouthed flower girl Eliza Doolittle into the cream of London high society in a matter of weeks.
The Epicoene (1609) chapter undermines the optimistic basis of Bakhtinian theory For Coronato, Jonson uses Epicoene as transvestite scold to censure the carnivalesque pretence to redress what Morose represents, the mysogynistic, Lenten rejection of the festive: 'Morose is an eccentric whose persecution is carnivalised, rather than an eccentric who can be redeemed by festive lampooning' (p.