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A review of the Mysidacea of the United States National Museum.
Ecophysiology of marsupial development and reproduction in Mysidacea (Crustacea).
Caspian Sea, glacial relicts, molecular evolution, Mysidacea, speciation, species flocks, zoogeography.
En la categoria "otros zooplancteres" se incluyo Ostracoda, Cladocera, Amphipoda, Chaetognatha, Pteropoda, Mysidacea y huevos de invertebrados e indeterminados, por presentarse en la dieta con frecuencia de ocurrencia <4%.
2012), Mysidacea (Harrison & Bowman, 1987; Price, 2004), Decapoda larvae (Naranjo et al, 2006), Chaetognatha (Alvarino, 1963, 1969; Ruiz-Boijseauneau et al, 2004), and ichthyoplankton (fish larvae) (Franco-Gordo et al, 1999, 2002, 2004; Aceves-Medina et al.
We first identified all the zooplankton per large taxonomic groups (typically Order), and later several taxonomic experts helped us to identify species for the 12 selected zooplankton groups: Copepoda, Cladocera, Decapoda, Euphausiacea, Amphipoda, Mysidacea, Siphonophora, Chaetognatha, Pteropoda, Appendicularia, Cephalopoda, and Pisces (fish larvae).
0 4 27 11 0 Mysidacea 0 0 0 11 11 Amphipoda 12 49 71 19 22 Vibilia armata 12 41 67 13 11 Acanthoscina 0 4 4 3 7 acanthodes Platyscelus sp.
The formation of an embryonic anlage of a seventh pleonic ganglion that later fuses with the sixth ganglion has been reported from representatives of most highermalacostracan taxa including Leptostraca (Claus, 1888; Manton, 1928b, 1934), Hoplocarida (Shiino, 1942), Syncarida (Hickman, 1937), Mysidacea (Manton, 1928a, b), Tanaidacea (Scholl, 1963), and Isopoda (Stromberg, 1967).
Specifically, the "shrimp" group included Mysidacea (mysid shrimps), Stomatopoda (mantis shrimps), Penaeidea (penaeid shrimps), and Caridea (caridean shrimps).
13 Thysanoessa raschii (euphausiid) Mysidacea Mysida (mysid) 0.
P) Mysidacea (P) Stomatopoda Pterygosquilla armata (P) Unidentified crustaceans Mollusca Cephalopoda Inioteuthis Loligo vulgaris reynaudii Lolliguncula mercatoris?