Myrtus communis

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European shrub with white or rosy flowers followed by black berries

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Citrullus colocynthis [Figure 8] are used for dog and insect bites, while Myrtus communis is used for scorpion stings.
Composition and in vitro antifungal activity of essential oils of Erigeron canadensis and Myrtus communis from France.
In the same study also pollen of Myrtus communis were proportion of minor.
11] compared the healing effects of Myrtus Communis, Zataria multiflora, Anthemis nobilis, and mixture of Zataria multiflora and Anthemis nobilis on minor RAS.
Holotipo hembra: Mexico, Nayarit, Xalisco, Universidad Autonoma de Nayarit, ex Aleurodicus coccolobae en Myrtus communis, 18.
Dentro de las formas nectariferas, destaca Myrtus communis, que con un porcentaje medio de representacion del 78 alcanza el 90% en dos muestras (E2 y E3), y Echium plantagineum, que supero el 20% en la muestra E5 y presento un porcentaje medio del 11% (Fig.
Save pounds 10 on Patio Myrtle MYRTUS Communis, also known as the Patio Myrtle, makes a perfect Christmas gift.
Recently it was intercepted in Florida in a shipment of Myrtus communis L.
To complement the tree--and the garden's overall look--Hendershot planted boxwood, 'Provence' lavender, Myrtus communis 'Compacta' (which he likes for its scent), and upright rosemary nearby.
Lesser periwinkle, Vinca minor, was used together with roses and myrtle, Myrtus communis, in wreaths and garlands, especially for weddings.
Myrtus communis tarentina makes a compact informal hedge and needs only a light trim each spring.
S Myrtle Myrtus communis S Ocotillo Fouquieria splendens S Oleander Nerium oleander S Photinia Photinia glabra S Privet California Ligustrum ovalifolium S Glossy Ligustrum lucidum S Japanese Ligustrum japonicum S Texas Ligustrum japonicum S texanum Rose, Floribunda Rosa x floribunda S Silverberry Elaeagnus commutatus S Sugar bush Rhus ovata S Bougainvillea Bougainvillea glabra V Ivy Algerian Hedera canariensis G Boston Parthenocissus V tricuspidata Jasmine, Star Jasminum multiflorum V Lavender Cotton Santolina G chamaecyparissus Periwinkle Vinca minor G Trumpet creeper Campsis radicans V Virginia creeper Parthenocissus V quinquefolia Wisteria Wisteria sinensis V Plant Mature Height Common Name Botanical Name 2'-5' 6'-9' Ash Arizona Fraxinus velutina Modesto Fraxinus velutina var.
On the plant, myrtus communis, and its scent, see Mabberly (above, n.