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small Asiatic tree bearing edible red or yellow fruit

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This passage specifies the halilag-i kabulig or Kabuli myrobalan, Ibn Juljul's no.
4) Local traders from Borneo also took to Malacca items such as gold, camphor, wax, honey, rice, sago, myrobalans (for inks and tanning), and "orraca" (spirits).
12 is "and agaric and chebulic and yellow myrobalans, both cleaned, of each one dirham, and anise.
while abstaining from food previously, and in the morning drink water in which has been cooked cleaned chebulic myrobalan and cleaned yellow myrobalan, of each four dirhams.
Richards (1978) gives Manja-lawei as the Malay name for myrobalans, used medicinally and for tanning.