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a follower who carries out orders without question

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(Greek mythology) a member of the warriors who followed Achilles on the expedition against Troy

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He charged them straightly further and dismissed them, whereon they went their way sorrowfully by the seaside, till they came to the tents and ships of the Myrmidons.
The object of this new liking was not among his myrmidons.
Mentally, I have now committed a burglary under the meanest circumstances, and the myrmidons of justice are at my heels.
Mrs Jarley's back being then towards him, the military gentleman shook his forefinger as a sign that her myrmidons were not to apprise her of his presence, and stealing up close behind her, tapped her on the neck, and cried playfully
Julian Shears was just 17 when his ship, the Myrmidon, was requisitioned by the Ministry of Defence in 1982 and the merchant seaman, a junior catering rating, was on his way to a bloody battle between British and Argentinian forces.
Fed up with conceding setpiece goals, like Peterborough's winner last Saturday, Steven Pressley wants his Sky Blues defence to be more like the Myrmidon warriors covering Achilles's back during the siege of Troy
Valin Corporation is in the final stages of successfully commissioning 65 Lease Automatic Custody Transfer systems (LACT) for an oil gathering project in the Myrmidon field in the Bakken Shale Play in North Dakota.
info announced on Thursday that publishers Myrmidon Books has acquired the rights to the debut novel from Laura Purcell, titled Queen of Bedlam.
It is his second book to be published by the company Myrmidon run by Ed Handyside from Alnmouth, Northumberland.
Ed's company Myrmidon Books is gaining a reputation for quality thanks to authors like Tan Twan Eng.
Even Agamemnon, though, must weep, as necessity requires him to plead humiliatingly with the brooding Myrmidon, whose force he needs to win his war on Troy.
For example, there were strong year classes at Pith and Barnett Patches in years 5 and 6 that were not found at Myrmidon (Fig.
Peter Giannacopoulos is president of Myrmidon Networks, Inc.
Instead of recreating the information in HTML, designers can now use Myrmidon 2.
Myrmidon was then withdrawn which meant a 10p in the pounds Rule 4 deduction.