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Babylonian and Assyrian goddess of love and fertility and war


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Purification and biochemical characterization of a 70-kDa sericin from tropical tasar silksilk worm, Antheraea mylitta.
A type of immune-related defense gene, with an typical reeler domain, have been identified in lepidopteran insects, such as Samia ricini, Antheraea mylitta, Bombyx mori, Lonomia oblique, Hyphantria cunea and Manduca sexta (Shin et al.
Edwards, 1869) 726 Phyciodes mylitta thebais 1 2 c Godman & Salvin, 1878 727 Phyciodes phaon phaon 2 (W.
de individuos Bosque ripario Danainae Lycorea cleobaea 8 Biblidinae Dinamine mylitta 11 Charaxinae Memphis morvus * 3 Archaeoprepona demophon ** 6 Noreppa chromus * 1 Papilionidae Heraclides anchisiades 8 Battus polydamas 8 Protesilaus protesilaus 5 Heraclides androgeus 1 Morphinae Morpho peleides 9 Riodinidae Rethus arcius 1 Subtotal 61 Canaduzal Nymphalinae Cybdelis mnasylus 12 Morphinae Caligo illioneus 14 Subtotal 26 Policultivo cafe--platano Ithomiinae Ceratinia tutia 44 Subtotal Total 593 Sin especificacion.
de la familia Bombycidae y las especies silvestres de la familia Saturniidae: Antherae mylitta Drury, Antherae pernyi Guerin-Meneville, Antherae assama Westwood y Antherae yamamai Guerin-Meneville.
Influence of thyroxine on different Ion-dependent ATPase activities in fat body of Tasar Silkworm Antherea mylitta (D).
Thus at Babylon every woman, whether rich or poor, had once in her life to submit to the embraces of a stranger at the temple of Mylitta, that is, of Ishtar o Astarte, and to dedicate to the goddess the wages earned by this sanctified harlotry.