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a thin polyester film

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The new "Trackers" utilize the same technology as Maje Foils, but with different colored mylar so hairdressers can use them to tag where different levels of hair color were used on the head.
Mylar, a Christmas staple, makes its debut for spring selling.
Cut a rectangle of Mylar so its short sides equal a side of the square and the long sides are four times as long plus 3/8 inch.
Mylar brings more than 20 years of experience to the position and has working relationships with six of the United States' top 50 non-profits.
Never fly kites or release Mylar balloons near power lines.
This is not to say that Koether has not developed a recognizable visual language, if not her own signature style (we might think of those Mylar curtains and medicine balls).
DuPont's Mylar biaxial PET film was developed in 1952 and went into production in '55 in Circleville, Ohio, using tenter frames developed by Marshall and Williams, then a supplier of textile machinery.
The exhibit was created in 1966 by Andy Warhol, who hoped that the mylar balloons, or "clouds," could help people experience art in a more active way.
In May, the Army's Tank-Automotive Armaments Command (TACOM) began working on applying Mylar films to up-armored M1114s Humvees.
built the drone from balsa wood, carbon-fiber-strengthened tubes, and colorful Mylar skin.
2] pieces of 12 [micro]m mylar film were used to set the zero position.
The order requires that any necessary repairs be made and that operators also determine if the surrounding insulation is covered with metalised Mylar (polyethyleneteraphthalate).
If you want to copy Anna's sun motif, use a plate or saucer to mark out the circle shape on a piece of mylar (clear stencil paper) using a permanent marker pen rather than a pencil to get a nice clear cutting line.
Within the cases are white mylar screens resembling rice paper; the plainness of the screens brings the rich colours and textures of the artworks into sharper relief.
Man-ohe-match Worcester winger Rob Mylar ran in three tries in an imperious display.