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a toxin produced by a fungus

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International IUPAC Symposium on Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins (11th: 2004: Bethesda, Maryland) Ed.
But some mycotoxins from fungal growth on food, such as aflatoxin, are carcinogenic.
Also, the JRC is developing reference materials designed as quality assurance tools for ensuring food is not contaminated with genetically modified material, mycotoxins and microbiological pathogens, as well as not posing BSE-related risks.
But another fungus, Fusarium verticillioides, also produces deadly mycotoxins on corn kernels--in addition to rotting out the crop's tender stalks and ears.
Satratoxins are a type of mycotoxin found in the spores and other parts of S.
Up to now, when checking for fungi that produce harmful mycotoxins, environmental engineers and others have generally tested houses and buildings for the presence of Stachybotrys alone.
One of the more dangerous elements associated with mold is mycotoxin, these are secondary chemical products produced by fungi.
Mycotoxins have been linked to poor development and suppressed immune systems in small children.
There's no basis at all for claiming that inhalation of mold or mycotoxins or any other mold metabolites causes brain damage in an indoor residential or office environment as people have been claiming.
cases they can produce toxic substances such as mycotoxins.
When competing against other bacteria and microorganisms, certain molds also can produce toxins called mycotoxins.
Some inhaled mycotoxins are two to twenty times more toxic when compared to intravenous exposure.
Trout, The Role of Stachybotrys Mycotoxins in Building Related Illness, 62 AIHAJ 644 Sept.
Mycotoxins, botulism, and listeriosis are very real threats that livestock owners should become knowledgeable about.