Mycenaean culture

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the late bronze-age culture of Mycenae that flourished 1400-1100 BC

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Kelder, an archaeological scholar, analyzes the contemporary scholarship regarding the continuity and character of Mycenaean culture and palace sites in the late Bronze Age period.
Contemplation of the results provides a salutary reminder that even the mature Mycenaean culture of the palace period fell short of the standards set at the height of the Minoan civilisation, whose major sites are organised towns, whose palaces are vastly more complex, and whose houses can be classified into categories that share common features and types of room.
This collection of 18 papers on the end of Mycenaean culture was originally presented at a LH III C Chronology and Synchronisms workshop held at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna in October 2004.
of Exeter) covers the period starting after the fall of the Mycenaean culture in the tenth century BCE to the conquests of Alexander in the late fourth century BCE, with an epilogue briefly considering later periods.