Mycelia Sterilia

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Some isolates showed no reproductive structures (8%) and were identified as Mycelia sterilia (25% of morphospecies).
Mycelia sterilia with one or more isolates, which are added in the total.
In the case of species of Mycelia sterilia, they were preserved in Petri dishes containing PDA culture media.
From these results, a group of 40 Mycelia sterilia colonies, which presented macroscopic differences in colony topography, color, texture or exudates production, were selected for identification through PCR-RFLP analysis of the ITS region.
Tambien se encontraron hongos del grupo de Mycelia Sterilia y levaduras con fuertes olores, no identificadas, explicando su presencia posiblemente al caracter saprofitico u oportunista.
The isolates showing cellulose production during primary screeningwere from the genera Aspergillus sp, Penicillium sp, Phoma sp, Fusarium sp, Absidia sp and Mycelia sterilia.