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Synonyms for mutant

Synonyms for mutant

(biology) an organism that has characteristics resulting from chromosomal alteration

an animal that has undergone mutation

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The first season has primarily been a cat-and-mouse game in which those mutants and the central family play the mice.
com/2017/06/new-mutants-henry-zaga-sunsspot-x-men-spinoff-1202106025/) Deadline , Anya Taylor-Joy ("The Witch and Split"), Maisie Williams ("Game of Thrones") and Rosario Dawson ("Sin City") have already signed on to star in "New Mutants.
3D structures of mutants of receptor binding loops (loop1 and loop 2) of Domain II of Cry2Ac11 were also predicted using Phyre2 software.
The older mutants like Magneto, Raven and Beast keep their latest film reunion reliably eventful.
2010, 2011) has been characterized for the seed chemical composition (oil contents, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids) of selected morphological mutants of four chickpea genotypes.
This set of programs, referred to as first-order mutants, are used for evaluating a test set.
Linkage studies of green thorax (gt) with ruby-eye (ru) larva: Crosses were made between the mutants green thorax (gt) and another autosomal recessive mutant ruby-eye (ru).
A machine which changes man into mutant is buried deep within the earth, beneath an ancient stone seal.
Subsequent testing also showed that the mutants housed with their younger, longer-lived relatives had improved physical responses and better survived environmental stresses compared to fruit flies that remained among the mutant population.
The forward primer was designed from the conserved region common to both wild-type and mutant strains; the reverse primers were designed specifically for wild-type and mutant strains, respectively, derived from the 3' terminal base of each primer.
But the main problem that has bedeviled the ``X-Men'' movies -- too many characters -- isn't of Ratner's making, and given that ``The Last Stand'' adds even more mutants to the mix while lopping a good half-hour off the running time, it's hard to lay all the blame on Ratner for the film's sketchiness.
GS-246, PI 641004) are ineffective and nonnodulation mutants of navy bean cultivar OAC Rico, respectively.
They then created a line of Drosophila mutants completely lacking both forms.
Its small genome, rapid life cycle, small size, and large number of mutants and genomic resources make it an ideal angiosperm for plant research.