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A new study estimates that the total number of Muslims living in the United States has grown by 1 million in the last decade and that Muslims now comprise 1.
According to the study, 52 percent of Muslim millennials are foreign-born, while 64 percent of adult Muslims are immigrants.
Jerusalem has the largest concentration of Muslim residents -- 311,000 -- in 2015, making up 20.
Renowned scholar and leader of Jamiat Ulema-E-Islam (JUI) Maulana Sharif Hazarvi said that if those who obtain liquor license under the garb of Non Muslim identity are married then their "Nikah" have been invalid.
Perhaps the demolition of the Babri Masjid had a painful impact on the Muslim community.
For several years, Muslims have integrated into the tapestry of American life, but the rise in anti-Muslim sentiment is a relatively newer phenomenon.
Of all the variables we looked at, from age to education to perceptions, the factor that was most strongly associated with anti-Muslim prejudice is not level of education, whether or not one knows a Muslim, or even one's opinion of Islam, it is anti-Jewish prejudice.
This research shows that many of the assumptions about Muslims and integration are wide off the mark," Mogahed, the executive director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, said.
The problem involves the 39 percent of Americans who recently told Gallup that Muslims should carry special identification.
But it's true that today in the Muslim world things are very different, and some Muslims believe that all people must become Muslim.
Well, when our Muslim students are required to take courses in Bible, church history, and theology, all taught by our faculty, one can only presume that they will hear or at least be exposed to the Christian message in ways deep and profound.
With Islam in America a subject of growing interest among Americans of all religious persuasions, the time is surely ripe for the first full-length biography of America's earliest Muslim of note.
Mark Sedgwick (associate professor of modern Middle East history, American University in Cairo) introduces Western readers to the Islamic world and explores the various different Muslim societies in Islam & Muslims: A Guide to Diverse Experience in a Modern World.
The issue of Muslim women wearing veils in public that has ignited an unprecedented national debate in the United Kingdom, and that has already led to bans in a number of European countries, is destined to become an issue in Canada, too.
A year ago, France was convulsed in its worst street violence since the radical student riots of the 1960s, as Muslim immigrant youths set fire to cars, buses, and hundreds of buildings and clashed with riot police, during a month-long rampage.