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(of muscular tissue) the state of being hypotonic

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Dent's disease of type 2 is thought to be a mild variant of oculocerebrorenal syndrome (Lowe syndrome) because both conditions are caused by mutation in the OCRL1 gene and therefore, the former is manifested sometimes with extrarenal features, including mild ocular involvement, mild intellectual disability, muscle hypotonia, umbilical hernia or short stature [2,3].
Severe hypokalemia could provoke muscle hypotonia, with a redutable sign, during the patient's evolution: tetraparesis (7) and electrocardiographic changes: arrhythmias.
8 The usual clinical features of myopathy include predominantly proximal muscle weakness that is symmetrical, increases progressively; there is exercise intolerance, muscle hypotonia, muscle hyporeflexia and calf - muscle hypertrophy.
6 The major diagnostic crite-ria for kyphoscoliosis type of EDS included: gener-alized joint laxity characterized by Beighton scale score 5/9 or more; severe muscle hypotonia at birth; scoliosis at birth which is progressive; scleral fragil-ity and rupture of the ocular globe.
B] agonist that reduces poly- and monosynaptic tendon reflexes and causes dose dependent muscle hypotonia.