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type genus of the Muridae: common house mice

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surgical treatment with MUS for initial treatment of SUI.
Mus species in Africa are sometimes found indoors where exposure to humans is more likely, but most are found outdoors, including those from which we collected the 2 positive samples tested in our study.
Case MUS Interval (years) Other SUI treatment BMI Preoperative videourodynamics Postoperative complications Telephone follow-up DO PVR (mL) MUCP (cmH[sub.
Work on the Thematischer Katalog der Musikhandschriften formally commenced in 2001 when Armin Brinzing embarked on the task of cataloguing the entire MUS.
From these ten categories, five corresponding transformed MUs were selected at random.
The subjects reported that they had less experience training with lunges and the unilateral squat compared to training with the BS and had not trained with the MUS.
Meanwhile, the qualitative data variables comprised of the Nurs group, particularly 1 = Mus reared, 2 = Peromyscus reared and 3 = Rattus reared with a sample size (N) 36 observations.
IT was interesting to read Rafa Benitez's frustrations in last week's ECHO about him missing his games of the Spanish card game Mus.
But Dr Cucchi found fossils, which suggest another species of mouse, which has since been named Mus cypriacus, had been there up to 100,000 years before.
Senneville, mus Kalsang Dolma, Tenzin Gonpo, Jamyang, Yungchen Lhamo, Rene Lussier, Techung; with Kalsang Dolma (narrator), Dalai Lama (as himself).
Wrap it around some hum mus, tabouli salad, tuna salad, or leftover chicken or turkey smothered with lettuce, tomato, onion, and bell peppers.
Klein argues that Spenser's Faerie Queene evinces an ethical distrust of the map; for Spenser, the map is but another idol that the hero mus t reject in order to pursue an ethical itinerary of his or her own.
They took in for questioning the owners of Barakat, Hassan Mus Farah and Mohamed Osman, and released them a few hours later.
A project entitled Using Prospective MUS Data to Enhance Resident Safety" will explore the feasibility of using computer data to predict and possibly prevent health problems in nursing home residents.
Obviously, the lighter the resistance used, the fewer the total number of MUs that have to be recruited.