Murray River

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a southeast Australian river

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In early 1838, Joseph Hawdon (Packard 1997) with Charles Bonney (Bonney 1901) also overlanded stock from Port Philip to Adelaide, travelling along the Murray River from its junction with the Goulburn River.
Murray River Story brought high profile political debates close to home and drew its audience into decision-making processes that were underway at Federal government level.
At night, the Murray River becomes so still and flat.
The Murray River is expected to crest at Swan Hill early next week at slightly over major flood stage.
A lake resembling an inland sea, 55 miles long and 25 miles wide northwest of the Victorian capital of Melbourne, will continue making it's way inland until it spills into the Murray River.
au, the senior lecturer in physics discovered the error after viewing an enormous siphon in South Australia, transferring the equivalent of 4000 Olympic swimming pools from the Murray River system into the depleted Lake Bonney.
Murray River Country: An ecological dialogue with Traditional Owners
In the GriegersAAE kitchen over cookies and tea, Grant said it is unimaginable that he could take his family away from the Murray River basin.
This area is directly south-east and downwind of the Murray River Mouth and its estuaries and floodplains in the Lake Alexandrina area.
However, due to water shortages in the Murray River, the wetland remained dry for 18 months--a year longer than planned--until Banrock was granted a refill volume of 617 megalitres when the government fulfilled a responsibility to guard the wetland's Ramsar protected status.
Banrock Station is a large property on the banks of the Murray River in South Australia.
com--It was announced on 21/11 water is to be shut off for 90% of farms along the Murray River in the state of New South Wales.
With a distinctly Mediterranean climate, the major problem, drought, is overcome by the use of irrigation, particularly from the 'mighty' Murray River.
Floodwaters dammed up this year at St George in southern Queensland are nearly one-and-a-half times that mooted to replenish the Murray River.
Gollings is not exactly a regular visitor, but he has now sent out three winners from just five runners over the past five years following Castleshane's all-the-way 10-length verdict over Murray River.