Murphy bed

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a bed that can be folded or swung into a cabinet when not being used

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MURPHY BED A hydraulic hinge brings the bed down gently.
The Murphy bed -- which tucks into cabinetry when not in use -- is enjoying new popularity as a stylish space-saver in many kinds of homes, not just studio apartments.
Interestingly the Murphy bed was invented in June of 1916, amidst economic times that mirror the current market conditions, including inflation and people looking for ways to save money by living in smaller spaces.
Library Murphy Bed -- This robust solution features a sliding central bookcase that parts in the middle to reveal a queen-sized Murphy Bed.
We don't have people sleeping over all the time, so the Murphy bed gives us the flexibility.
Old standby: The space-saving Murphy bed is almost 100 years old.
Converting the suite from an entertainment showcase into the bedroom by automatically lowering the Residential King Murphy Bed.
A study is built out with custom cabinetry and a Murphy bed.
We've done homes from trailers to multi-million-dollar estates," says Joseph Baggiano of Murphy Bed Centers of America.
We installed a Murphy bed on the porch to take advantage of balmy summer nights.
Heck, I've made so much money off the Panthers, I can't get my Murphy bed back into the wall.
Halstead also took second place Transaction of the Year for a complicated deal by Brooklyn Heights agent Gerard Splendore that involved graffiti, skulls and makeshift Murphy bed on crates
The basement/garden level offers a recreation room with Murphy bed, closet space, washer/dryer, outdoor kitchen with sink and grill pit, access to deck, landscaped backyard with backyard pond.
The many space-efficient disguises of the Murphy bed
The Micro Flats range in size from 284 to 354 s/f and include queen size Murphy beds with built-in side tables and cabinetry for added storage.