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Scottish writer of satirical novels (born in 1918)

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Beloved by her contemporaries, Muriel Spark never got the credit she deserved.
He added that one of the special liveries would showcase Edinburgh's literary tradition and World Heritage Site status, with a sample design featuring authors Ian Rankin, Muriel Spark, Walter Scott and JK Rowling.
Compare and contrast the following British writers: At the one inkstand, Harold Pinter, Galsworthy, Russell and Winston Churchill; and, on the other keyboard, Graham Greene, Iris Murdoch, Muriel Spark and P.
Singer Gene Pitney, 66' June, youngest of The Pointer Sisters, 52' The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie novelist Dame Muriel Spark, 88' first man to fly at twice the speed of sound Scott Crossfield, 84' economist J K Galbraith, 97.
Previous winners of the Campion Award include Muriel Spark, Sen.
It was on Easter Saturday that we heard the sad news that the Scottish poet and novelist Muriel Spark had died, age 88, in Florence (her adopted home many years).
DAME Muriel Spark, who wrote the novel The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, has died in Italy aged 88.
Colonial Strangers seeks, in the first instance, to inscribe Godden, along with Olivia Manning, Muriel Spark, Ethel Mannin, Elspeth Huxley, Phyllis Bottome, and Phyllis Shand Allfrey, into the literary history of empire.
7 MURIEL SPARK My favorite writers are all women: Loos, Dorothy Parker, Lillian Ross, Patti Smith, Edith Sitwell, Louise Brooks, Queen Elizabeth I, Jacqueline Susann--and my fellow Scot, Muriel Spark.
Nixon returns in this issue offering a special connection of Hopkins to an important twentieth-century Catholic author, Muriel Spark.
In particular, the failure of Muriel Spark and Iris Murdoch to embrace the agenda of women's liberation must have caused their being overlooked by most leading feminist literary critics (374, 432n3).
DAME MURIEL SPARK, born in 1938 in Edinburgh, Scotland, has been a professional writer since the 1940s.
In that respect, Woolf prefigured such self-reflexive, postmodernist writers as Muriel Spark and John Fowles, who want readers to participate in creating their fictions so that they can avoid the manipulative falsity of behaving like a God in a world that no longer genuinely believes in God.
Currently, the Society's Honorary Fellows include Dame Muriel Spark, Sir James Black, Joseph Rotblat, Sir Paul Nurse, Lord (George) Robertson, Frederick Sanger, James Watson and Francis Crick.
With words from Burns to Robert Louis Stevenson, from Muriel Spark to William McIlvanney, there are some seminal lines to choose from.