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Therefore, the presence or absence of a specific LINE (L1) subfamily has been utilized for phylogenetic analysis of fats and other rodents of the Family Muridae (Furano and Usdin 1995, Usdin et al.
And here are 20 more squirm-making facts about Genus Rattus (family Muridae, order Rodentia).
With a single exception, all known hantaviruses are associated with three subfamilies of rodent hosts of the family Muridae.
Sciuridae and Muridae families were represented as bones, hair, and other fragments in scats during the reproductive season accounting for 37.
To investigate whether small mammals, especially bicolored white-toothed shrews (Crocidura leucodon), which act as BDV reservoirs in Switzerland (1,2), harbor BDV in diseaseendemic areas in Bavaria, Germany, we screened 120 small mammals (53 from the family Cricetidae, 41 from the family Muridae, and 26 from the family Soricidae) (Table).
The Asian musk shrew (Suncus murinus), also called the Asian house shrew, is a small mole-like mammal belonging to the family Soricidae (order Soricomorpha), and wild rats are classified in the family Muridae (order Rodentia).
Polydactylism has been observed in Cricetidae (Price, 1969), Muridae (Brown, 1996), Leporidae (Murie, 1934), Sciuridae (Dunaway, 1969), Cynocephalidae (Shute and Bellaire, 1955), and Cervidae (Daniel and Kershaw, 1964; Miller and Cawley, 1970; Stone et al.
pacas (Cuniculus paca), rats (a number of Muridae species), and bats (Chiroptera) (Renjifo and Renjifo 1997, Santamaria and Franco 2000).