moray eel

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family of brightly colored voracious eels of warm coastal waters

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The A-290 is claimed to be as good as the Murene and Sting Ray, and also uses a shaped charge to enhance lethality against Soviet titanium double-hulled submarines.
It will complete against the the Murene, the Stingray and the MK.
A significant naval development on show was the French Murene lightweight torpedo.
PHOTO : Although displayed under an AS 350, DCN's smart torpedo, the Murene, will first see service with the Lynx and the ATL.
3 de [euro] a ce debut ou la tension en question est parfaltement nette: "J'appartlens aux nerfs des rues aux murenes aux hleroglyphes a l'ecorce de l'automne au babillage des emaux au don de soi a l'avarlce.
Les deux tortues preferees font alors la connaissance de Lulu la Moustache, adorable homard un brin siphonne, de Jimbo, poisson aux yeux globuleux qui a tout d'un miracule, et de Big Boss l'Hippocampe, chef de bande un rien megalo, qui ne se deplace jamais sans ses deux murenes gardes du corps.