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United States publisher (born in Australia in 1931)

British writer (born in Ireland) known primarily for her novels (1919-1999)

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A spokesman for the Murdoch family told the paper: "They have loved these past months together, are thrilled to be getting married and excited about their future.
And Shadow Culture Secretary Chris Bryant has told Osborne in a letter to reveal "meetings, correspondence or phone calls" with Murdoch - with dates - "in the public interest".
Rupert Murdoch, through the Murdoch Family Trust controls 39.
The other Co-Executive Chairman will be Rupert Murdoch.
On Jan 11, Rowling also took to Twitter to give Murdoch the taste of his own medicine.
Citizen Murdoch is depicted here more as a phenomenon than a person, hovering as a kind of force that spans borders, laws and convention.
Murdoch, 55, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison in 2005 for Mr Falconio's murder.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, despite efforts by Blair to contact Murdoch, the media mogul refused to speak to him.
News Corp chairman Murdoch, 82, revealed on Thursday that he and Wendi, 44, were divorcing after 14 years.
James Murdoch discussed various issues related to Rotana, Newscorp and Kingdom Holding Company.
The Murdoch myth was born on December 2, when the All Blacks defeated Wales 16-19 in front of a crowd of 52,000 at Cardiff Arms Park, with the 6ft tall prop scoring the match-winning try.
Mr Murdoch stepped down as BSkyB chairman amid fears that the News International phone-hacking scandal would damage the firm, but he stayed on as non-executive director.
LONDON: Rupert Murdoch conceded defeat recently in his battle with Google and the Internet, an adversary even more powerful than the British government.
In Iris Murdoch, Gender and Philosophy, Sabina Lovibond argues that Murdoch was just such a person and that we can learn something about this kind of double-mindedness by studying her novels and philosophy.
Although this new collection of essays develops a synthesis between Murdoch's literature and philosophy as a stand-alone work it needs to be seen in the continuing tradition of publications by The Iris Murdoch Society that are a spin-off from the biannual conferences held at Kingston University, UK.