contract killing

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a murder carried out on agreement with a hired killer

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The same holds true with prison murders, crimes of an especialty heinous nature, murder for hire, etc.
Federal Charges Include Conspiracy to Commit Murder, Murder for Hire, Kidnapping, Drug Distribution and Interstate Transportation in Aid of Racketeering
I have met veterans who have built large companies, some who have become healers and others who were involved in murder for hire.
NEW HAVEN - The slaying of Greenwich developer Andrew Kissel was a murder for hire, state prosecutors said yesterday as they upgraded the charges against one of two suspects to capital felony.
GLENDALE - In another chapter of a real-life crime story with Hollywood-style twists, a former travel agent serving a 65-year prison sentence and his brother, who helped in an elaborate scheme to overturn his conviction, have pleaded guilty to plotting a murder for hire.
In reply, Perkins described at length a murder for hire he had committed.
A recent investigation of a $2 million oil condensate theft at a West Texas oilfield led to a narcotics bust, and an Energy Crime Stoppers bumper sticker promoting the hotline motivated an anonymous tipster to report a murder for hire plot related to mineral rights in Texas.
Such circumstances might include a murder committed to cover up a crime, or a murder for hire.
For example, the Supreme Court last April refused to free a publisher from a lawsuit over three 1993 killings in Maryland by a hit man who followed a book's advice on how to commit murder for hire.
After causing a major diversion of the media attention from the Colorado rape case, all initial counts in the high profile murder for hire case were dropped.