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national capital and largest city of Romania in southeastern Romania

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to hampers the process of upgrading * The possibility of reducing or expansion of public transport system pollutant emissions * Expanding the urban area of them in the case of surface public municipality of Bucharest in new transport through geographical areas, not covered by the use of modern and public transport network.
The new law of the political parties from 2003 has raised the minimal number of members according to article 18, intended line 3 to at least 25 founder members, resided in at least 18 counties of the country and the municipality of Bucharest, but not less than 700 persons for each of these counties and municipality of Bucharest.
processed after: Research on implementation of urban public transport system to served areas of the Municipality of Bucharest, contract 5C03V7.
The cooperation with the Municipality of Bucharest - partner in this project as well is also gratefully acknowledged.
amp; BUCHAREST, Romania -- Hill International (Nasdaq:HINT), the worldwide construction consulting firm, announced today that it has been awarded a contract from the Municipality of Bucharest to provide design supervision and construction supervision services in connection with the rehabilitation of sewerage and water supply projects throughout Bucharest.