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an administrative division of a county

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I do not believe that citizens have a right to overrule their elected representatives," Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) chairman Joseph Aloysius Kennedy argued in February 1971, "but I do believe this Board has a duty to intervene in cases such as this one.
Chairman of the Mussoorie Municipal Board, O P Uniyal, said as well as lorries and small vehicles, riders of two-wheelers would have to pay 0.
Chipman, John George, and the Institute of Public Administration of Canada A Law Unto Itself How the Ontario Municipal Board has Developed and Applied Land Use Planning Policy.
A tomb mound in the town of Notogawa in Shiga Prefecture has been confirmed to date to the early third century after some 20 shards of earthenware made in the period were found in gutters around it, the municipal board of education said Thursday.
The plaintiffs, led by Canadian Darin Madore, 35, said the municipal board of education in February unilaterally refused to renew their one-year contracts to teach English at junior high and high schools in the western Japan city, an act they considered illegal.
The Triad Municipal Board of Alcoholic Beverage Control, operating independently but with oversight by the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, has selected NCR Corporation to provide a new point-of-sale (POS) solution for its newest retail store in Bermuda Run, N.
Cleaning service 3 units managed by the Municipal Board for the Performing Arts and Image of Zaragoza.
He said he would also like to know how the legally required impartiality is imposed, since the municipal board member takes part in decisions that directly affect him.
The current structures and uses were also not consistent with the mandated provisions imposed by the Ontario Municipal Board and as such should not be permitted to continue or be expanded upon.
Seven years later, in 1969, the first municipal board for the city of Abu Dhabi was appointed by royal decree.
Ron McCooeye, who was elected by 43 per cent of the votes cast by tenants living in OCHC housing units, had been removed last spring from the corporation board of directors with council's approval, after he filed a complaint against the corporation with the Ontario Municipal Board.
The Otawara municipal board of education said it has mailed a letter informing AUM that Asahara's 10-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son can attend the municipal Sakuyama Elementary School.
The book comprises interviews Friere gave as leader of the Municipal Board of Education in Sao Paulo, including his farewell comments upon his retirement.
Oakville, Ontario - RioCan received full zoning and official site plan approval from the Ontario Municipal Board for its RioCan Centre Burloak development located at the intersection of Burloak Drive and Queen Elizabeth Way.
Brant county council already approved 491 homes in the Grandville III area, but the developer wants to built up to 876 homes in this area, so the company is taking the county to the Ontario Municipal Board.
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