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a capital tax on property imposed by municipalities


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Beyond eliminating the BET, their scenario would substantially reduce municipal property taxes on businesses.
House Bill 1305 seeks to reinstate the telecommunications exemption from municipal property taxes, poles and conduits.
The city did that in March 2006, a necessary step for the project to move forward but also one that imposed municipal property taxes on top of the county, school district and other taxes that the Jeffries had already long been paying.
This decision alone will take $935 million a year off municipal property taxes by 2011.
But few at the state level--where the relentless drive to limit municipal property taxes continues--appear to have given any thought with regard to the impact on those tax revenues, the single-most important source of tax revenues for the nation's schools and local governments.
However it will take a reduction ten times greater than that to bring our BC mills in line with the municipal property taxes paid by industry elsewhere in North America," Mr.
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