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a family of languages spoken by people scattered throughout central India

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Two injured in firing: Two persons including a roadside vendor were injured when rivals opened indiscriminate fire at Munda bazaar in broad day light on Thursday, police and local traders said.
The Munda villages Tribal lifestyle, stunning silver jewellery and unique festivals What: Jharkhand is home to more than 32 tribes, of which the Mundas are the most popular.
Munda apparently has succeeded in striking a bargain for his fellow tribal leaders.
The party has at least four CM candidates in Jharkhand including ex- chief minister Arjun Munda, BJP national vice- president and Jamshedpur East legislator Raghubar Das, former union minister Yashwant Sinha and a minister of state in the Modi cabinet Sudarshan Bhagat.
Hemant had earler served as deputy chief minister under the government of BJP's Arjun Munda.
We will take into account about all the aspects of negligence that have taken place in the incident," said Munda.
It also asked the politicians to achieve consensus for the construction of storage dams, including Kalabagh, Akori and Munda.
NEW DELHI: Tribal leader Karia Munda of the Hindu-extremist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was elected deputy speaker of the Lok Sabha yesterday.
Damon and his father meet up at last in a hospital tent near the bloody battlefields at Munda, where the father has been fighting as a centurion with Caesar's army.
Auxiliary Bishop Vincent Barwa of Ranchi, who led the seven-member delegation that met March 20 with Chief Minister Arjun Munda, alleges the state government has adopted a "step-motherly" attitude toward minority schools.
Now in his fourth term as consul, Caesar hurried to Spain, the last of Rome's dominions to defy his rule, and destroyed the last opposing army at the Battle of Munda in 45 B.
The group will prepare an action plan in the next four months for demonstration and commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cell powered vehicles and power generating systems in the country through public-private partnership," said Indian non-conventional energy sources minister Kariya Munda.
On the 2003-2004 production slate so far are: Munda Mata (the story of two brothers on opposing sides of Cesar Chavez's migrant workers union), Soldier Child (the story of a kidnapped nine-year-old Ugandan boy forced into the rebel army) and Sleeping on Stones (a look at the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through the relationships of three boys: one Jewish, one Muslim, and one Christian).
At the heart of this tale, one told with a masterful blend of magical and hard-nosed realism, lies a passionate lesbian romance between Danae, a beleaguered Havana housewife, and Tierra Fortuna Munda, a countrywoman.
Munda as Keystone's Designated Alteration Station (DAS) Administrator.