multiple regression

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a statistical technique that predicts values of one variable on the basis of two or more other variables

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To study the effect of age, height and weight on the PFT values, simple and multiple regression models were applied.
Descriptive statistics for each variable and findings from the multiple regression analysis of science achievement test scores are summarized in Table 1.
Running a multiple regression in Excel using the Regression analysis tool follows the same procedure as required for a simple, one-variable regression.
A simple answer to this question is the different assumptions between the univariate and multiple regression models.
Results: The results showed that the Conditional Autoregressive model yield more reliable results as compared to the multiple regression model having lower value of Akaike Information Criterion i.
ERIC Descriptors: Foreign Countries; Preservice Teachers; Student Attitudes; Computer Attitudes; Educational Technology; Teacher Surveys; Predictor Variables; Gender Differences; Multiple Regression Analysis; Computer Use; Internet; Ownership; Access to Computers; Demography; Student Characteristics
The relationship between a dependent variable in the multiple regression model and a set of independent variables are analyzed simultaneously.
When planning a multiple regression analysis, it is important to obtain a sample size that is large enough to provide an acceptably narrow confidence interval for important population parameters such as the squared multiple correlation, denoted here as [[rho].
Key words: Rainfall Monsoon Prediction Multiple regression and Goodness of fit test.
In the statistical evaluation of the data; i) Pearson correlation coefficients between the linear body measurements were estimated, ii) multiple linear regression model was used for live weight prediction, iii) use of the scores from factor and principal component analyses as independent variables in multiple regression analysis model was employed with the purpose to predict live weight (LW).
ERIC Descriptors: College Students; Comprehensive School Health Education; Program Effectiveness; Multiple Regression Analysis; Norms; Factor Analysis; Advocacy; Pretests Posttests; Public Schools; High Schools
One of the most effective methods to remove the problem is to use factor analysis scores for multiple regression analysis in different species as reported by many authors (Keskin et al.
In 2005-2006 a survey of randomly-selected practices and health providers was conducted, with multiple regression analysis to establish significant determinants of coverage and timeliness.
Multiple regression models incorporated satellite estimates and geographic predictor variables to capture background and regional pollutant variation, and deterministic gradients were used to capture local-scale variation.
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