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a method of examining body organs by scanning them with X rays and using a computer to construct a series of cross-sectional scans along a single axis

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MRI or hr-pQCT provide high spatial resolution and produce no or relatively little radiation, compared with high-radiation exposure from multidetector CT.
The CORE-64 Trial evaluated 291 patients at nine international centers and found that 64-slice multidetector CT angiography was highly accurate in detecting coronary blockages of greater than 50 percent.
Multidetector CT fistulography recently has been described for diagnosis of branchial fistula.
Researchers used quantitative software and multidetector CT scans to measure the physical effects of the valves and the St.
They estimated lifetime cancer mortality risk based on a representative whole-body CT scanning protocol using a multidetector CT (Siemens AG).
Hot topics include cardiac imaging, multidetector CT, CT/MR angiography, virtual colonoscopy, and tumor ablation.
The subject of the tender is the supply and installation of new (nerepasovaneho) multidetector CT devices in Vy kov Hospital including related construction works, and implementing a comprehensive warranty service (ie.
Multidetector CT of vascular compression syndromes in the abdomen and pelvis.
The subsequent refinements, which lead to modern multidetector CT scanners, have revolutionised this technology so that we are able to acquire 3-D submillimetre isometric datasets which can be sliced, diced and modelled, cut away, rotated and viewed.
We suspected the drainage of subdiaphragmatic venous return to persistent SVC and absence the hepatic segment of IVC by agitated saline contrast echocardiography, and confirmed the diagnosis by multidetector CT.
Improved disease detection with fusion of PROSTASCINT scans and multidetector CT (Abstract # 1040)"
Contract notice: Supply of 1 pc multidetector ct, 1 piece fluoroscopic x-ray devices and skiagraphic, 1 piece skiagraphic x-ray device with a direct digitalization.
Renal stone assessment with dual-energy multidetector CT and advanced postprocessing techniques: improved characterization of renal stone composition--pilot study.
An advantage of using multidetector CT (MDCT) is the use of multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) to align the image along the longitudinal axis of the airway.
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