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the doctrine that several different cultures (rather than one national culture) can coexist peacefully and equitably in a single country

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I want to make clear that I applaud the agendas of the multiculturalists and pragmatists: to live together in tolerance and respect, to work together in solving problems that threaten us all.
Even if the multiculturalists were correct that a new regime of tolerance could negate man's nature and usher in a new age of peace, they haven't the foggiest idea about how to achieve it.
What is worth underscoring, however, is that neither strong multiculturalists nor liberal theorists of recognition quarrel with the claim that, very often, collective identities have costs.
In short, both (critical) interculturalists and multiculturalists generally are in agreement that multiculturality is a factual condition of the most contemporary societies today.
Although the implications of selected theories for New Zealand's particularities are discussed throughout, Bromell never goes as far as I think he could towards developing a distinctive, New Zealand-inspired critique and synthesis of contemporary multiculturalist and anti-multiculturalist doctrines.
Has not the multiculturalist discourse taught us the dogma that there are people who may act in ways which seem crazy to us, but if these ways form a particular culture we should call them different, rather than mad?
Others believe that if multiculturalists have their way too much time will be spent on a "feel good" pedagogy versus learning "accurate" and pertinent information as it pertains to the curriculum.
Yancey wisely concludes, "In an ideal world, multiculturalists would challenge European American culture but not criticize it any more than they criticize other cultures" (p.
The melting pot that Pat Buchanan talked about has cracked and is now scoffed at by multiculturalists as a concept that of cultural genocide.
The anti-Flemish Fleming and Islamophile mayor of Brussels has just walked into a nasty trap; and it is one toward which equally reckless European and American multiculturalists may be pulled.
A case in point are those liberal democratic philosophers (Carens 2006:37, Parekh 2000:316--317, Modood 2006)--I shall label them multiculturalists here--who have invoked moral 'democratic' or 'civic' norms (as opposed to legal norms) in response to the controversies.
Liberal multiculturalists believe that the recognition and accommodation of ethnic diversity contributes to expanding human rights and freedoms, to strengthening democratic institutions, and to diminishing ethnic hierarchies.
Multiculturalists are right to insist that insensitivity to difference can undermine a pluralistic society.
MacKinnon thus directly repudiates multiculturalists who claim that equality requires group rights that entrench gender hierarchy, a move that places her (in this respect) alongside comprehensive liberal theorists such as Susan Moiler Okin and Brian Barry.
The guilty verdict for nine black teens for hate crimes against three white women throws a politically incorrect wrench into what the multiculturalists have tried so hard to get us to believe: that only whites are capable of racism.
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