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the doctrine that several different cultures (rather than one national culture) can coexist peacefully and equitably in a single country

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First, although multiculturalists were defined as Blacks who connected primarily to other racial minorities, only 2 of the 10 Multiculturalist items referred to Whites.
So, for example, if you're a multiculturalist, you can argue - against historical evidence - that Greek philosophy is derived from sub-Saharan Africa; or if you're a feminist, you can argue - against biological evidence - that gender is completely a social construct; or if you're a Marxist, you can argue - against experiential evidence - that socialism is compatible with individual rights.
has argued: "The American multiculturalists reject their country's cultural heritage.
Glazer's other purpose, as the book title suggests, is to demonstrate that we are all multiculturalists now.
By appropriating civil rights language, choosing black spokes-people and accusing fuzzy-headed multiculturalists of stilting the discourse, the right has managed to obfuscate the conversation on race.
Indeed, multiculturalists hope to ride the immigrant wave to greater power and influence.
thus from a multiculturalist perspective in order for these ethnic minorities to be equally accommodated the state must respect and recognize their religious identities.
The Multiculturalists: Like the postliberals described above, multiculturalists believe that religions are much more different than they are alike, and one of the biggest imperatives and challenges of living in a multicultural and multireligious society is to preserve the "multi"--the differences.
It was a deliberate collaboration between Achebe, his publishers, and Western multiculturalists that made it that way, to serve the personal interests of the first two parties and the political interests of the third.
Multiculturalists (22%) laud the student goal: "learns how to work with people from diverse backgrounds.
Contrary then to what various critics claim, multiculturalists have long acknowledged the importance of a nation's identity and people's sense of it, but they also note how both can come to include cultural minorities as they do change.
For multiculturalists and advanced liberals generally, the term majority designates a totality in the sense of an all-embracing abstract ideological commitment, substituting for an historical human society that tolerates no dissent, and that everyone subject to its oversight is compelled to recognize.
For many multiculturalists, liberal autonomy is deemed too "sectarian," demanding, or intolerant a value on which to base political morality for a culturally diverse society.
For instance, when her critics ask her if there is anything beautiful in Islam, she cites some nonessential matters such as its appeal to charity before bringing the discussion down to primary issues such as freedom, noting that Islam is built on inequality among the sexes--something that multiculturalists purport to want to obliterate.
Multiculturalists say that the proverbial American melting pot must be replaced by the "salad bowl," the idea that culturally dissimilar ingredients can co-exist and complement each other.
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