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the doctrine that several different cultures (rather than one national culture) can coexist peacefully and equitably in a single country

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In future research, we hope to expand language, intercultural training, and peer mentoring programs in multicultural organizations to help bridge some of the cultural distance that exists between Canadian-born employees and internationally educated professionals.
This model is suitable for an organization that conducts business in another country as well as in local multicultural organizations (Grunig et al.
If we combine the category of civic organizations together with women's, political and cultural ones, we can safely say that the immigrant women of this study are heavily involved in wider social and political issues (at the local, national and possibly transnational levels (21)) an d in multicultural organizations rather than in ethnic organizations' activities and issues alone.
It is suggested that the distinction between these three functions may provide the conceptual language better to examine developmental relationships in multicultural organizations.
Bensimon and Tierney (1992-93) state, "Multiculturalism is a complex set of relationships framed around issues of race, gender, class, sexual orientation, and power" (1992-93, 5); they then go on to define it attributionally: "One of the struggles in multicultural organizations is to understand the commonalities and differences among under represented groups, and to develop an appreciation of how an understanding of these characteristics might create alliances for change" (1992-93, 5).
This practical guide also features comprehensive lists of multicultural organizations, publications, national agencies, videos, Web sites, and more.
Although multicultural organizations have received increased scholarly attention in the past few years, much of this work focuses on larger organizations rather than the needs of smaller organizations.
George Henderson's (1994) analysis concludes that successful multicultural organizations are able to build trust; "create an open, problem-solving climate"; allow widespread responsibility for decision making and for setting diversity goals; and foster increased "awareness of the diversify `process' and its consequences for organization effectiveness" (p.
Not all camps will address diversity issues in the same way, but th goal of all camp programs can be to strive toward developing multicultural organizations where social oppression does not exist.
We're impressed with MCDC and the support it gives multicultural organizations," said Brian Huff, president of Cub Foods.
The Upcoming Yfhpi Rfp Will Actively Seek Involvement Of Small, Multicultural Organizations Who May Be Limited Or Non-english Speakers.
Amtrak is a proud supporter and sponsor of several multicultural organizations.
In addition to providing data on the changing demographics of the workplace and the organizational benefits of diversity, these works include definitions of key terms, such as diversity, managing diversity, and multicultural organizations, and provide suggestions for ways organizations can adapt to a diverse work force (see, for example, Cox, 1991; Cox, 1993; Cox & Blake, 1991; Fernandez, 1991; Fine, 1995; Griggs & Louw, 1995; Jackson & Associates, 1992; Jamieson & O'Mara, 1991; Loden & Rosener, 1991; Theiderman, 1991).
Community Involvement: Dell has formed a number of partnerships with key multicultural organizations, including the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, National Urban League, United Negro College Fund and League of United Latin American Citizens.
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) hosted nearly 40 disability and multicultural organizations and federal agencies at the 10th Annual TSA Coalition Conference held at the Agency's Virginia Headquarters on Sept.
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