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the doctrine that several different cultures (rather than one national culture) can coexist peacefully and equitably in a single country

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Literature reviews and case studies will be used as the main research methods to demonstrate the consumer generated media's role for multicultural organizations to manage so-called "mutually beneficial" relationships with multicultural publics.
SFMC strives to be a relevant experiential program in the 21st century and to truly be a multicultural organization.
a multicultural organization only (a phenomenon that is indeed occurring), the same explanation cannot be utilized to account for high participation in non-multicultural, mainstream organizations.
Ospina recognizes that a "truly multicultural organization may never be fully accomplished" (1).
The Washington Interfaith Network is a citywide network that builds multiracial, multicultural organization to empower parents and citizens to be major players in city politics.
Other support efforts that help achieve the goal of the multicultural organization also exist.
MYA is a nonprofit multicultural organization dedicated to creating a system of community monitors in neighborhoods that are adversely affected by environmental degradation.
A Highland High School multicultural organization promotes racial harmony and motivates students to stay away from gangs and drugs.
Finally, recommendations are made for managers and educators who wish to shift their organizational paradigms for the inclusion and advancement of all women, and for movement towards the multicultural organization of the future.
This report outlines 11 goals and 39 strategies for moving our Agency to a multicultural organization.
com)-- Project Curve Appeal, a division of Pink City Corp (PCC,) is a multicultural organization dedicated to promoting, empowering and educating full-figured women to celebrate their beauty and embrace their curves while living a healthy lifestyle.
Multicultural psychology has more recently adopted a multicultural organization development perspective as its socio-political frame of reference, thus moving beyond the individual or therapy dyad (e.
One of the problems with achieving the multicultural organization can be attributed to the problem inherent in any change program.
It is also axiomatic that mirroring the best multicultural organization ensures that greater economic opportunity is extended to all segments of society.
The author had the opportunity to examine the workings of a successful multicultural organization, engage in an individual cross-cultural relationship, and examine her own cultural identity, biases, beliefs and attitudes within the framework of an ongoing relationship.
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