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a soup of eastern India that is flavored with curry

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HEARTY SOUPS (1) Finest Chicken Mulligatawny Soup (600g), pounds 2.
For years I thought Mulligatawny soup was some Russian goulash and I would say, 'Mull-eee-ga-tawnnnny, please' until someone explained it is merely 'Mullak Thanni' or pepper water, as in rasam.
I asked him to cut a bit of the meat for me and I bit into it and chewed it and, do you know, it tasted like mulligatawny soup.
7 SOUPS Tomato Soup 1 bowl 26 Kale & Roasted Traditional dish: Vegetable Soup * Spinach Soup 1 bowl 217 Mulligatawny Soup Curry flavored soup 1 bowl 34 Mixed Vegetable Soup 1 bowl 46 BREAKFAST CEREALS Plain Suji Upma Semolina preparation from South India 1 bowl 11 Vegetable Upma Semolina preparation with peas & carrots 1 bowl 18.
These contained vacuum flasks of mulligatawny soup, fog-lamps, distress flares, freshly signed wills and tear-stained testaments, King James Bibles, that weekend's Lottery numbers and keys to the potting sheds.
For all his fuddy duddiness, it's not too hard to respect Brown as we plunge into the nightmare scenario of possible panhandling former estate agents and solicitors offering their services in exchange for a bowl of mulligatawny soup.
B introduced us to such dishes as mulligatawny soup and authentic Indian curries with all the condiments, fried plantains and all manner of Southern fare, to which Mr.
The mulligatawny soup (a type of Anglo-Indian soup) my dining partner had was equally adept at fulfilling the role of simple food done well.
Interestingly, the Mulligatawny soup found in London started out much differently in India as molagu thanni
99), several notches more vibrant and flavorful than the house mulligatawny soup ($3.
Skulking prudently in the heavy pall of smoke offshore, we broke into cans of self-heating mulligatawny soup.
I have just had my mobile telephone upgraded to one that takes photographs and makes mulligatawny soup.
Mulligatawny soup with coriader and prawns with wholemeal bread; Smoked chicken, grape and apple salad and low fat greek yoghurt; Avacado and Parma ham salad with fresh figs; Platter of smoked and cured fish with horseradish relish; Lemon wedges and red onion rings with mixed leaf salads; Beef fajitas with all the trimmings; Baked salmon fillets with lemon and caper oil, new potatoes, steamed peas, carrots and French beans.
I scanned a typical dinner menu: Mulligatawny soup, grilled mahseer, assorted game pies, roast capon, curry and pilao, saddle of mutton, trifles, cheese and biscuits, fruits of the season, all washed down with sack and claret on an average of two bottles per head.
Growing up, I remember seeing tinned mulligatawny soup a lot, but these days it seems to have disappeared somewhat, only cropping up in those 'deluxe' cartons or top-range cans.