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Synonyms for mocha

soft suede glove leather from goatskin

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a flavoring made from coffee mixed with chocolate

a superior dark coffee made from beans from Arabia


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a dark brown color

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i vihusi vihusi muni mukha sabe hera (45) 'having smiled/smilingly' manamatha mari nari alimgaa (47) 'having killed/suppressed' sasi uthi calala akase (61) 'having arisen' toha teji gati nahi ane (63) 'having abandoned' he isvara, neha duhu vyaktika samarasya dekhi hamara bada ananda 'having seen/witnessed' bhela acha (63) -e bhasama aga dae .
Al Hiswa power station and the Mukha plants in the south were damaged during the 1994 civil war.
The shoulder-held Russian RPG 18 Mukha rocket launcher is a sophisticated weapon of war designed for a one-shot attack at close range.
The posts came under fire from the Afghan side early on Wednesday morning in the Manozangal and Mukha Tops areas of the Bajaur tribal region, one of seven such districts bordering Afghanistan.
Administrator Rawal Town had also constituted a relief committee while four flood centers in Commercial Market, Mukha Singh, Pirwadhai and Bunni had also been set up to cope with any flood situation and in case of any untoward incident during monsoon season.
In weight-bearing poses such as downward-facing dog (adho mukha svanasana), tabletop, or camel (ustrasana)--pay attention to your elbows, Your inner elbow should have a soft valley in it.
Talking to the reporters, Lt Col Ali Naqvi, in-charge of the operation, said that the arms were recovered from Lara, Mukha, Bara Mukha, Zagai and Bandari areas of Mamoond tehsil.
The Guardian of the Tent' is Vajrapanjar Nath Mahakal whose iconography is found in Swayambhu and the `Face-Lord' is again a muddling up of Chatur Mukha Mahakal (4-Faced Lord), all of which Waddell has called `demons'.
Dia pcc circular platform drain as per unicef design and drawing including operation and maintenance for 5 years under mukha mantri hand pump scheme at site recommended by honorable m.
On the other hand, the residents of low lying areas particularly Waris Khan, Glass Factory, Mhoke Mukha Singh State, Dhoke Khaba, Umer Road, Nadeem Colony, Dhoke Elahi Bukush, Arya Mohallah and Javed Colony demanded focused approach with visible steps so that the danger of flood is minimised.
Brief scores: Arabian Industries 262 for the loss of 6 wickets off 50 overs (Syed Arfan Ali 84, Shane Alam Faridi 76 and Abishek Ramesh 24; Mohammed Arif Mukha 3/53) defeated Enhance 81 all out off 28.
Chairman Mukha Singh State Association of Traders Javaid Iqbal Khankhail said that the new prime minister should address the issue of law and order as well as the power crisis.
kabira kani rakhl nahim varnasrama satadarsanl bhakti vimukha jo dharma so adharma kari gayo joga jagya brata dana bhajana binu tuccha dikhdyo hindu turaka pramana ramainl sabadi sakhl paksapata nahim vacana sabahl ke hita ki bhakhl drurha dasa hvaijagata para mukha dekhl ndhina bhani kabira kani rakhi nahim varnasrama satadarsani (BhM chappdi 60, Bhagvanprasad, pp.
Dzhambik's 14-year-old brother Mukha - by a different father - is a comparatively paltry 9st 4lb.
Starting in 1999 with "Examining Pictures" at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in London, and "Trouble Spot Painting" at the NICC and MUKHA in Antwerp, followed by "Painting at the Edge of the World" at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis (2001), "Cher Peintre" at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris (2002), and "Painting on the Move" at the Kunstmuseum, Kunsthalle, and Museum fur Gegenwartskunst in Basel (2002), a number of exhibitions have attempted to straighten things up; but in various degrees they turned out to be lively exercises in showing how big and oddly configured the house of painting was, rather than putting that house in order.