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Synonyms for impermanence

the property of not existing for indefinitely long durations

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SOUNDBITE 5: Mujo Begic, medical examiner (Bosnian, 16 sec):
TYRANT: Mugabe SUPPORT: Ellie Mujo (manager), Lukman Alizada (client), Monish Bhatia (Huddersfield University research student and lecturer), Shanaz Parveen (Bradford University student) and Patrice Dlamini (volunteer co-ordinator and deputy manager) PW210110Fkraft-05.
That sound, pioneered by Mujava along with peers like Bojo Mujo, DJ Ghost, DJ Tsala and MaChance comprises a scene unto itself, informally known as township house or Pretoria house.
from the interview with Mujo Kukuruzovic, recorded in 1935 in the region
That day, the Earth and the sky were burning,' said Mirsada Stocevic, aged 27, describing how Serb troops separated her and her 15-month-old son Mujo from her husband Mustafa.
This theme is ubiquitous in the novel and is central to the Mujo and Halil cycle, where a buried man is taunted by his live enemy to come out to battle:
Erdely presents complete transcriptions of three epic songs from the Bihac region of Bosnia: Mujo Velic's Zenidba Ograsovic Ale and Murat Zunic's Sila Osmanbeg i Pavisic Luka, both recorded by Parry in 1935; and Ibrahim Nuhanovic's Rabovanje Osmanbeg Omerbegovica recorded by Lord and Bynum in 1963.
Homer and Heike have this realization of changeability of worldly things or, in Heike's terms, mujo (impermanence), in common.
The Bosniak Caucus in the Republika Srpska (RS) Council of Peoples vetoed the Law on Secondary Education in that entity because it completely rejects the name of Bosnian language, confirmed to FENA the head of this caucus, Mujo Hadziomerovic.
It was created by Josh Harker, the artist behind the Shogyo Mujo Skull at Burning Man festival in 2014.
An inquest at Huddersfield yesterday heard that 80-year-old Mujo Colan broke his neck during the fall on December 12 last year.