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Synonyms for Muhammadan

a follower of Mohammed

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of or relating to the Arabian prophet Muhammad or to the religion he founded


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In the 22nd minute of the first half, Youngman Club's Zaki scored first goal against Muhammadan Club on penalty kick.
Located some 77 miles southeast of Delhi, Aligarh was chosen by Sayyid Ahmed Khan in 1875 for the establishment of the Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College (MAO), dubbed a "Muslim Cambridge".
The 16-member delegation, which includes American Muslim community and religious leaders, academics and political activists, so far met with a number of civic associations and with Moroccan officials representing the parliament, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, the Muhammadan League of Religious Scholars, the Central Authority for Corruption Prevention, and the National Council for Human Rights, among others.
The haqiqah muhammadiyah, as mentioned above, refers to the Muhammadan Reality that existed before the creation of the world (whether in the mind of God or otherwise), and I have already shown how a similar Marian Reality also seems to have existed before the creation of the world.
Although not many would consider the publication of a reference work in a Dutch town by a small publishing house a world-historical event, Brill's First Encyclopaedia of Islam, with its revealing subtitle ("A Dictionary of the Geography, Ethnography and Biography of the Muhammadan Peoples"), (1) became a milestone in Western academia.
The future of tradition--tradition of the future; 100 years after the exhibtion Masterpieces of Muhammadan art in Munich.
Realizing, however, that the Christian preceded the Muslim religion in the world by many centuries, I cannot keep but hoping that Muhammadan society will succeed someday in breaking its bonds and marching resolutely in the path of civilization after the manner of Western Society, for which the Christian faith despite its rigors and intolerance, was not at all an invincible obstacle.
In the Muhammadan version of Seventh Heaven, which is overseen on a daily basis by Abraham, each inhabitant is as large as the earth and has 70,000 heads, each head with 70,000 mouths, each mouth with 70,000 tongues, each tongue speaking 70,000 languages, and all ceaselessly singing praises of the Most High.
Masterpieces of Muhammadan Art, this exhibition will run until September 16, 2010 - January 9, 2011.
Although Muslim jurisprudence, as a formal science, developed by only after the death of Prophet and the first four caliphs, yet, the Quranic exhortations and the example and savings of the Prophet bred such a devotion to justice and such solicitude for impartiality and equality before the law-the "king of kings"--that an incident relating to the second Caliph Umar, may be cited from Abdur Rahim's Muhammadan Jurisprudence to illustrate it:
33)) Strikingly, the American missionaries held Afghani in contempt because they regarded him, in Andrew Watson's words, as "more of an infidel than a Muhammadan.
Every aspect--from the uncoordinated design called a "mixture of Hindu and Muhammadan styles" to the jumble of materials and techniques--when examined, casts light on the strange circumstances of the monument's construction.
Wensinck, A Handbook of Early Muhammadan Tradition, Alphabetically Arranged (Leiden: E.