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Synonyms for Muhammadan

a follower of Mohammed

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of or relating to the Arabian prophet Muhammad or to the religion he founded


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A meeting of All-India Muhammadan Educational Conference was held at the Ahsan Manzil Palace, Shahbagh, Dacca (Dhaka) in December 1906.
PESHAWAR -- National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Friday arrested Hamid Mehmood Zubari, a private person who deprived state of their valuable 6 Kanal commercial property known as Muhammadan Graveyard (Nadan Baba Qabristan) situated near Hassan Garhi Peshawar Cantonment worth millions of rupees on the basis of fake and forged documents in connivance with settlement authorities, said a press release issued here.
Ramswamy Iyer, one-time Dewan of Travancore, to hail him in eloquent terms: "A man of varied learning, a fine and effective speaker, and wielder of a style which can be delicate as well as trenchant, above all, an idealist who strove to revivify Muhammadan public life and breathe reality into its political activities, Muhammad Ali will always be counted as one of the creators of the New Islamic spirit in India".
In 1886, he established 'The Muhammadan Educational Conference', which was held annually in many Indian cities, and the magazine Tahdhib al-Akhlaq (Refinement of Morals: Mohammedan Social Reformer) was published with the aim of educating and civilising Indian Muslims, with Ahmad Khan being its principal contributor until the end of the periodical in 1893.
Though one may argue that soteriological pluralism is ancillary to the overall project of the SQ, or relevant only to a fraction of the two-thousand page oeuvre, the pluralist references do abound: many verses that repudiate Christian or Jewish doctrine are reinterpreted or historicized; salvific efficacy is extended to all religions and paths, so long as they are subsumed under the general postulate of "submission to God" ("islam"), instead of the particularized Muhammadan "Islam".
18) However, the taeterrima procella Mahometica, the most dreadful Muhammadan assault, was feared by many people.
Mumtaz Ali expressed these views at the occasion of the Muhammadan Educational Conference held at Aligarh in Dec, 1905.
RAWALPINDI -- Muhammadan Club beat Youngman Club 21 in the Rawalpindi District A Division Football League on Monday at Municipal Stadium.
Another one, written in English and Arabic, was dedicated to the Muhammadan soldiers in Her Majesty's army who died while serving, and a third marker had nothing on it.
63 Interview with Syed Tanweer Hayat, at Muhammadan Private HostelCanal Town Peshawar, (April 20, 2012).
The Syriac schools were less like the Hellenistic than the Muhammadan schools, which incidentally they probably helped to shape" (Henri Irenee Marrou, A History of Education in Antiquity [London: Sheed & Ward, 1956], 318).
As per clause 250 of Muhammadan law, Nikah is defined " it is such a covenant which is primarily aimed at procreation of children and providing legal identity to progeny.
Speaking on the occasion, the President recalled that while laying the foundation stone of the Muhammadan Anglo Oriental College, now known as AMU, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan had envisioned that "From the seed which we sow today, there may spring up a mighty tree whose branches like those of Banyan of the soil, shall in their turn strike firm roots into the earth and themselves send forth new and vigorous sapling".
Thus, the government regime in Iran after the Islamic Revolution was approved by an overwhelming majority of nation according to the Islamic Republic's constitution, which has been emphasized in whole constitution that indicates the special status of religious government based on Muhammadan Islam.
Located some 77 miles southeast of Delhi, Aligarh was chosen by Sayyid Ahmed Khan in 1875 for the establishment of the Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College (MAO), dubbed a "Muslim Cambridge".