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a robber who takes property by threatening or performing violence on the person who is robbed (usually on the street)

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Anything," said the Mugger, shutting his left eye again-- "ANYTHING is possible that comes out of a boat thrice the size of Mugger-Ghaut.
It clanked away into the dark again; but the Mugger and the Jackal were so well used to it that they never turned their heads.
There was nothing strange in the building of the bridge," said the Mugger.
But the Mugger had only looked up at the thing from below, where the brass dome seemed rather like a bullock"s hump.
M--yes, a new kind of bullock," the Mugger repeated ponderously, to make himself quite sure in his own mind; and "Certainly it is a bullock," said the Jackal.
And again it might be " began the Mugger pettishly.
said the Mugger angrily, for he could feel that the others knew more than he did.
As surely as I had picked up one of his workmen, and thus saved great expense in wood for the burning, so surely would he come down to the Ghaut, and shout in a loud voice that he would hunt me, and rid the river of me--the Mugger of Mugger- Ghaut
They said enough to make me, the Mugger of Mugger-Ghaut, leave water and take to my feet.
That which I could find--COUSIN," said the Mugger slowly, dragging each word.
Now you do not call a man a cousin in India unless you think you can establish some kind of blood-relationship, and as it is only in old fairy-tales that the Mugger ever marries a jackal, the Jackal knew for what reason he had been suddenly lifted into the Mugger"s family circle.
A mugger does not care to be called a father of jackals, and the Mugger of Mugger-Ghaut said as much--and a great deal more which there is no use in repeating here.
That made matters rather worse, for what the Jackal hinted at was that the Mugger must have eaten his food on that land-march fresh and fresh every day, instead of keeping it by him till it was in a fit and proper condition, as every self-respecting mugger and most wild beasts do when they can.
The Mugger must have been grateful for the interruption, because he went on, with a rush:
Five times, one after another" (the Mugger must have met with an old-fashioned revolver); "and I stayed open- mouthed and gaping, my head in the smoke.