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a brick made from baked mud

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The one-story mudbrick house which housed the Sabanly family collapsed at around 9 a.
The color of the mounds is dark and similar to the material composition of Dimai's walls which are made of mudbrick and stone," the researcher wrote.
Some of the construction techniques are unique to our country; with this in mind we have been running exhibitions, with hands-on workshops including experienced builders demonstrating these techniques, such as mudbrick building.
Hundreds of mudbrick houses are built along the sloping base of tall sheer cliffs which hem in Wadi Hadhramaut, while the flat land nearer the center of the wadi is used for the cultivation of crops like date palm, garlic, lime and wheat.
Joy, an anthropologist, profiles life in Djenne, a mudbrick town in Mali that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Wine runs through Eve''s family: her parents, Jenny and Nigel, run Ananda Tours, around the island's vineyards, while Her sister Brooke works at winery Mudbrick.
These mountains, these rock palaces, extraordinary decorative shapes, pinnacles with peering eyes; villages, little clumps of painted mudbrick houses on mounds standing in the middle of wildness.
On the way, they would have passed the white-washed mudbrick homes of the rich and poor, colourfully painted with images of plants and friendly spirits, and courtyards or gardens planted with flowers or date palm trees.
Monsoon rain destroyed thousands of mudbrick houses as villages became submerged.
Not a conventional apartment building at all, the school is located in one of the Old City's renovated mudbrick tower houses.
9 magnitude quake caused thousands of mainly mudbrick and wooden homes to collapse in the Yushu region of Qinghai, a rugged area at an altitude of around 4,000 metres, populated by ethnic Tibetans.
More than 85 percent of houses in Gyegu, mostly made of mudbrick and
Marines and Afghan soldiers advanced through the poppy fields of Marjah on Saturday under withering gunfire from Taliban fighters shooting from mudbrick homes and compounds where families huddled in terror.