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Synonyms for Mucoraceae

large family of chiefly saprophytic fungi that includes many common molds destructive to food products

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The most common species involved in keratomycosis is Aspergillus fumigatus, followed by members of the Mucoraceae.
There are three species group of Rhizopus oligosporus (Mucorales, Mucoraceae, and Zygomycota).
2) The causative organisms are members of the family Mucoraceae, which belongs to the order Mucorales of the class Zygomycetes.
Mucoraceae are found in soil and spoiled foods like moldy bread, but pose a health risk to a person only with a damaged immune system, the body's network of disease-fighting cells and organs.
Mucor--A widely distributed genus of molds of the family Mucoraceae, mainly saprophytic species, abundant in soil, decaying vegetable matter, dung, etc.