Mt. St. Helens

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an active volcano in the Cascade Range in southwestern Washington

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Instead of pushing for national park status, however, Cantwell and her Congressional colleagues asked the Forest Service to detail how they plan to protect Mt.
But perhaps more important, says Smith, is that Mt.
13 eruption was much smaller in volume than the largest blast of Mt.
In a series of recent trips to this magnificent massif, I have hiked, helicoptered, driven, and camped the mountain, searched out survivors, and visited with tree farmers, silviculturists, entrepreneurs, interpreters, and recreation specialists who are in daily contact with Mt.
At the time, he was a recreation assistant for the Gifford Pinchot National Forest's Spirit Lake area, which is now part of the new Mt.
Today Tonne is in charge of the Forest Service's premier visitor center a $6 million, 16,000-square-foot sensual trip to and "into" Mt.
It turns out that in the bigger scheme of things, this is just the first course in the Forest Service's total interpretive program for Mt.
He's on the northwest shoulder of the mountain, kneehigh in ferns on the company's 446,000-acre Mt.
That afternoon, with Weyerhaeuser's chief helicopter pilot, Ron Wagner, I fly in a Bell LongRanger across the rolling shoulders of lower Mt.
joel Andrews, mountainside entrepreneur, is tending a rack of barbecue chicken at Crater House restaurant, the only public eating place within Mt.
in a dorm room, you don't have to endlessly search the Web, you can connect to a trained librarian and find the answers you need -- from what book to read next to a chemical analysis of the ash from Mt.
From an ecological perspective, Park biologist Don Despain called the fires a fantastic research opportunity" equal to Mt.
For example, the Cowlitz River in southwest Washington, which received 140 million tons of sediment after the 1980 Mt.
Yamaguchi says, "the past is the key to the present," it might be worth worrying a little about what Mt.
Photo: Looking northwest from 9,500 feet at a steamy Mt.