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a mountain in south central Alaska

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The documentary-makers also follow the enduring controversy over whether Arctic explorer Dr Frederick Cook faked his assent of Mt McKinley, north America's highest peak.
Then came the real wonder as we drove back through the tundra, the sun burned off the clouds and there was Mt McKinley in all its glory, reflected in a lake in the wilderness.
Next stop was the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge, right on the boundary of the national park that is home to Mt McKinley.
The first edition of a new series focuses on the efforts of three British mountaineers to conquer Alaska's Mt McKinley.
A group of 16 Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service personnel are in training to climb Mt McKinley, in Alaska, in -35C (-31F) temperatures to raise money for the Fire Service Benevolent Fund.
He was winched to safety from 17,500 ft up Mt McKinley in Alaska in deteriorating weather on a 100 ft rope below a helicopter.
The soldiers were part of a British expedition to climb Mt McKinley, before descending to sea level and then canoeing along the coast.
A soldier who was rescued from Mt McKinley last June said the Staffordshire man stranded on the mountain was well-equipped to handle the situation.
Sgt Spooner said Mt McKinley was a favourite with mountaineers because it is the highest in the Arctic Circle.
She then climbed the 16,066ft Vinson Massif in Antarctica in 1999; the 20,320ft Mt McKinley in Alaska in 2000 and the 16,023ft Carstenz Pyramid in Australasia in 2001.
Mr Hollinshead and Mr Vardy were eventually rescued in a daring helicopter lift but last night Mr Ball was still missing in temperatures of minus 30C (-22F) on Mt McKinley in Alaska.
The drama began when the men were within 300ft of the summit of Mt McKinley and severe conditions forced them to abandon the climb.
Mrs Ball said her husband had faced tough conditions before in ten years of mountaineering but this was his first attempt at Mt McKinley.
Sgt Martin Spooner, from Leek, in Staffordshire, was part of a six-strong British Army team who got into difficulties on a notoriously treacherous part of Mt McKinley, a stretch where 15 climbers have died since 1972.