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an arm of the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and southeastern Africa

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Left) Mandip Soin's group chose to sail leisurely on a dhow on the Mozambique Channel.
The tectonic model also addresses the otherwise insoluble problem of dispersal theories that enable primates to cross the Atlantic to America, and the Mozambique Channel to Madagascar although they have not been able to cross 25 km from Sulawesi to Moluccan islands and from there travel to New Guinea and Australia.
The Royal Navy and Air Force monitored shipping in the Mozambique Channel in an attempt to ensure that no oil reached landlocked Southern Rhodesia (today Zimbabwe) via the port of Beira, in the Portuguese colony of Mozambique.
As part of the project, Ciena's intelligent optical switching solution - already deployed and operational - helps deliver resilient broadband connectivity on the route between Kenya and the island of Mayotte in the Mozambique Channel, Madagascar, Reunion and Mauritius.
South Atlantic Petroleum Company (Sapetro), which has assets in Benin and in the Mozambique Channel as well as in Nigeria, has been one of the first to venture into other parts of Africa.
The SANDF participates in the UN peace support operation in the Congo and the African Union peace support operation in Sudan, provides training for the armed forces in the Central African Republic and executes operations in support of the Mozambican Defence Force s counter piracy operations in the Mozambique channel.
3D TROPICAL STORM: TRMM satellite flew above a tropical low (91S) in the Mozambique Channel on January 28, 2014 at 1011 UTC and saw some towering storms (red) near the center of the low were reaching heights of above 16 km/9.
The Durban and Zululand basins are of interest because they sit at the southern end of the Mozambique Channel.
Our concern is the not-so-distant Mozambique Channel.
Mediterranean Sea, Suez Canal, Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean, and Mozambique Channel
Most have come from the Comoro Islands, but people have hooked or trawled a half-dozen or so further south, in the Mozambique Channel, which lies between Madagascar and the African mainland.
TGS' program consists of approximately 10,300 kilometers of multi-client 2D seismic data covering the Morondava Basin and French waters of the Mozambique Channel and is designed to expand the Company's 2,158-kilometer 2001 vintage survey into deeper basins across the entire region.
During his visit to Paris on Friday, Mozambican President Armando Guebuza has announced that his country welcomes new French initiatives in various areas of cooperation, especially in economic issues, and in security in the Mozambique Channel.
Irina was just this, sucking aloft warmer Mozambique Channel waters and then driven by a higher pressure area south of the cyclone's core.