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Synonyms for mover

workman employed by a moving company

(parliamentary procedure) someone who makes a formal motion

a company that moves the possessions of a family or business from one site to another

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The friendly movers might not have been quite at their ease, even though the visitor had entered in the usual manner.
On this starlight night, Mr Venus,' he remarks, when he is showing that friendly mover out across the yard, and both are something the worse for mixing again and again: 'on this starlight night to think that talking-over strangers, and underhanded minds, can go walking home under the sky, as if they was all square
1-5) I begin to sing about Poseidon, the great god, mover of the earth and fruitless sea, god of the deep who is also lord of Helicon and wide Aegae.
And now, to be defied and spurned, to be held up to her in the worst and most repulsive colours, to know that she was taught to hate and despise him: to feel that there was infection in his touch, and taint in his companionship--to know all this, and to know that the mover of it all was that same boyish poor relation who had twitted him in their very first interview, and openly bearded and braved him since, wrought his quiet and stealthy malignity to such a pitch, that there was scarcely anything he would not have hazarded to gratify it, if he could have seen his way to some immediate retaliation.
Nevertheless the sensation involving discomfort remains the prime mover.
And now Mr Thomas Codlin, the misanthrope, after blowing away at the Pan's pipes until he was intensely wretched, took his station on one side of the checked drapery which concealed the mover of the figures, and putting his hands in his pockets prepared to reply to all questions and remarks of Punch, and to make a dismal feint of being his most intimate private friend, of believing in him to the fullest and most unlimited extent, of knowing that he enjoyed day and night a merry and glorious existence in that temple, and that he was at all times and under every circumstance the same intelligent and joyful person that the spectators then beheld him.
At Mountain Movers, workers are familiar with all of the conditions in the Vancouver, Surrey, Langley and Maple Ridge areas to ensure that your move proceeds without a hitch.
Monster Movers began as a local mover in Massachusetts and then national expansion in 2013 with the residents of Massachusetts and eventually major cities along the East Coast supporting Monster Movers.
With technological advancements, railcar movers are being electrically-powered to reduce fuel cost and time.
This product "zeros in" on when and what movers purchase across the move timeline.
Considering the top three reasons for a move are new housing, family reasons and work, many of these movers will be making a move while dealing with the emotional strain of a death or divorce.
Early movers have the advantage of time, which brings with it more options for decision-making as market shifts either create opportunities for entering new markets, introducing new products and initiating new innovations, referred to as "market exploitation opportunities.
Approximately half of the first movers trust and about two-thirds of the second movers are trustworthy.
Eugene police and state transportation officials issued more than 17 citations during a sting operation aimed at unlicensed movers, authorities announced Friday.
Network Ticketing chairman John Conroy said: "I apologise that we may not be able to get all the Magpie Movers out in time for this Saturday's first home game.