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Synonyms for mover

workman employed by a moving company

(parliamentary procedure) someone who makes a formal motion

a company that moves the possessions of a family or business from one site to another

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For the second year in a row, Amazon Web Services (AWS), a globally recognized giant in management and developer tools and analytics, was recognized as ISG Mover of the Year.
MJ Perez, who led F2 with 24 points, then secured the championship with a booming kill for the Cargo Movers.
In the first half of 2017, the number of home movers was down by 2% compared with the same period a year earlier.
The online portal, PMDIR, is a website which provides packers and movers to the relocating parties in and around Lucknow and the entire country.
In this regards, The Packers Movers acts as a reliable online platform for the ones seeking a hassle-free relocation experience anywhere across the nation.
Movers of Seattle is partnering with Prospect Genius, a firm specializing in local online advertising, to help raise its exposure online.
Bridgevine has developed a movers program that reaches 3.
This makes it imperative for grocery stores ti) reach and positively impact new movers.
Movers and Shakers is making a comeback after a decade but people have still not forgotten it primarily due to Shekhar's trademark style and wit.
Early movers have the advantage of time, which brings with it more options for decision-making as market shifts either create opportunities for entering new markets, introducing new products and initiating new innovations, referred to as "market exploitation opportunities.
A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) was being formed and registered as a private limited company for assembling/manufacturing of North Benz prime movers by using the existing infrastructure and capacity available at HIT in collaboration with National Logistic Cell (NLC) and North China Industries Corporation (NORINCO), a state-owned Chinese firm.
Approximately half of the first movers trust and about two-thirds of the second movers are trustworthy.
Eugene police and state transportation officials issued more than 17 citations during a sting operation aimed at unlicensed movers, authorities announced Friday.
History could be profitably subdivided into eras defined by the prevailing prime movers.