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(computer science) indicator consisting of a movable spot of light (an icon) on a visual display

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Roll your mouse pointer over the link to reveal its true destination.
Zooming in on things or else selecting icons on the opposite side of the screen to where your mouse pointer is becomes much less of a hassle when you start using the touch functions.
The software lets the Tech Buddy see on his own computer's screen what the owner sees on the Telikin's screen and to control the Telikin's mouse pointer and keyboard with his mouse and keyboard.
Last week she complained that because I hooked up the new monitor, the mouse pointer wouldn't display on the screen.
These NEMA 4 sealed keyboards provide full 101/104 key functionality, are combined with CTI's Orbital mouse pointer, more offer a red backlit embedded numeric keypad and come packaged in a very compact painted aluminum or stainless steel enclosure.
For the viewers it's really simple - you can watch a video as normal but if you hover your mouse pointer over the video, clickable regions appear.
Thousands of Twitter users saw mysterious blacked-out tweets from their contacts; simply moving the mouse pointer over them was enough to pass the hack on to thousands more.
The act of play was akin to being a scientist poking at rats in a maze - remote interaction via a mouse pointer and the artificiality of imposed spatial limits, however homely you attempted to make their cages.
Customize your mouse pointer and cursor to make them easier to see and track.
A1 through D10), place the mouse pointer at the beginning of the cell range you wish to select (in this case, A1), then left click-hold-drag until all the cells you wish to highlight are selected.
After finding the intended user command, the mouse pointer starts moving slowly in the selected direction to give the user fine control.
An integrated mouse pointer and a full format, backlit QWERTY keyboard makes it the most usable hand-held web device around.
What's more, we have included the abstracts of each article in the form of pop-up boxes that appear on screen as soon as the mouse pointer is placed over the "[pdf]" link to the article.
The slideshows have numbers that link to the various images and captions appear when the mouse pointer is placed over the image, but the audio is continuous and must be listened to from beginning to end.
The system tracks a user's eye movement and transmits it to the mouse pointer displayed on the monitor, according to Wolfgang Beinhauer and Fabian Hermann, the project managers.