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Synonyms for mourning

Synonyms for mourning

state of sorrow over the death or departure of a loved one

the passionate and demonstrative activity of expressing grief

sorrowful through loss or deprivation

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According to findings, mourning rituals of the Afro-Colombian community facilitate grieving and overcoming loss through collective activities.
Following recent changes in the organization of mourning rituals within the circles of Kinshasa's wealthy, these rather intimate events are ever more open to 'strangers', who anticipate the spending capacities of the gathered crowd.
By midday Thursday, about a dozen relatives of Taiwanese victims arrived at the riverbank to perform traditional mourning rituals.
NECEF (CyHAN)- Millions of Shiite Muslim pilgrims defied the threat of jihadist attacks and thronged the Iraqi shrine city of Karbala for the climax of annual Arbaeen mourning rituals on Saturday.
Iraqi government forces, backed by US-led air strikes, have strived to pin back the jihadists there, partly in a bid to secure the area ahead of the Ashura mourning rituals.
Tisha B'Av is observed as a fast day and is preceded by several days of mourning rituals.
Support the family's decisions about mourning rituals specific to their culture and needs; involving the clergy early on can be helpful Discussing the autopsy report with the family can be another way to show support.
Chinese culture consists of ancestry worship and mourning rituals that seek peace for the spirits of the dead.
BAGHDAD (TAP) - A car bomb has killed at least 27 Shia Muslim pilgrims in the town of Mussayab, south of Baghdad, as worshippers from around the world thronged Iraq's shrine city of Karbala to finish mourning rituals for a revered figure in Shia Islam.
Iraq's holy shrine city of Karbala was gearing up for the climax of annual Shiite mourning rituals, with millions of pilgrims thronging the city amid tightened security.
Judaism also recognizes that mourning rituals exist as much for the living survivors as for the dead, and that these elements ought to be carried out even in the case of suicide.
Wu Kwok-kin, the owner of a shop that sells funeral wreaths, favours more traditional mourning rituals.
The dramatized mourning rituals of recent television programming locates itself within the context of this literary history and gestures toward antecedents in Jewish American literature.
Even the African mourning rituals were not presented in an engaging way to add depth or color to the performance.