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a bicycle with a sturdy frame and fat tires

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Participation has grown since he first held the mountain-bike race at his farm, Domnarski said, but the numbers have leveled in the area of 200 racers.
Three mountain-bike races will be held in Central Massachusetts this summer.
Muddying the waters, though, is an even newer hybrid, the so-called city bike, derived from mountain-bike parentage but designed for urban commuting.
The Golden Mean of mountain-bike prices is currently between $350 and $400.
It has what amounts to a lightweight mountain-bike frame with like components and skinny, ten-speedlike wheels.
Ranger Jim Keppler has spoken with local mountain-bike representatives, including members of the Concerned Off-Road Bicyclists Association (CORBA).
Riders can help ensure that they continue to share the trails by practicing the mountain-bike mantra: ``There could be someone around the next corner.
An hour later, the 16-year-old Newbury Park mountain-bike racer, one of the top juniors in the country and a member of an elite national team, is celebrating his third first-place finish this year.
A former swimmer at Newbury Park, he's competed in national mountain-bike events since 1995.
Fred Chavez, 59, of Whittier, first learned of the MBU through a class introducing him to mountain-bike skills.
Those are what make mountain-bike racer Missy Giove famous.
We get the same money the Chess Club gets,'' said Jason Kiredjian, one of the eight or so members of the USC mountain-bike club.
As I was finishing up a late afternoon mountain-bike ride recently, I was met at the trailhead by a pair of headlights.
Indeed, with trails becoming increasingly crowded during the daytime, this hearty segment of the mountain-bike community is extending their exercise hours.
Laurie Brandt, a professional mountain-bike rider from Louisville, Colo.